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Welcome to Alice And The Cats

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

The blog about cats

Thank you for your interest and your visit. My name is Alice and I use this website to share my knowledge about cats with you.

Alice and the cat
We are Alice and the cats Vox &...

Who am I and more importantly, who are the cats?

As a Berliner, I am a true "city person", but I was lucky enough to be able to expand my horizon, growing up with family in the countryside as well. This was especially beneficial for my huge interest in animals, because mostly you would not find me nearby people but in the middle of nature.

Alice and the dog
My "little" Cane

The biggest influence was probably the time with my grandparents, with whom I often visited the zoo, natural history museum or watched nature documentaries. My wish for every holiday was always a new animal book. Thanks to my mom, I was allowed to keep my own pets since my earliest childhood, on the condition that I take care of them intensively and inform about them. So I never stopped educating myself and until today my heart burns for the subject. Full of love I remember each one of them and the numerous foster animals.

In March 2020 I had to say goodbye to my dog "Cane" and it broke my heart again, as with every end with my little animal children. Only after moving to a bigger apartment with my partner, the time came for me to want to take responsibility for a pet (or better two) again. And there came the two "goblins" Velinchen & Vox. Here it became now quite clearly ....

Why a blog?

It's hard to believe, people knew me as the "dog owner" and suddenly I was looked at confused, why I got cats. This led to numerous conversations and it was revealed that there were not only many misconceptions about cats, their attitude and behavior, but also some prejudices. In addition I had already shocking realizations about the cruel sides of the keeping of domestic animals, whether nationally or world-wide. So what choice does one have? I want to achieve more for my beloved animals and hope that my work here contributes to awareness.

Alice and the cat
... & Velinchen

The goal

Cats are impressive and often misunderstood creatures and it is amazing how little knowledge we have in relation to the long time they have been by our side. Let's go on this journey of exploration together and inspire ourselves for an even more harmonious coexistence with our beautiful pet tigers.

Exciting experience reports, facts worth knowing about cats and important articles about behavior and healthcare are waiting for you here. Find ideas for cat products and equipment and great do-it-yourself tips. Let's laugh together about the many funny pictures and videos. That and much more is what I offer you on my channels.

Now you come into play: like-minded and interested people are the heart and kidney for this site. So feel free to let me know what I can show you by contacting me via mail or social media. Share your favorite posts and show me your animal companion too. If you give me permission to use your pet's picture/video footage, we can make our community even more colorful. Be a part of the story at Alice And The Cats. Become a follower now on Facebook and Instagram.

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