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Become a catling

Without you, I'm just another "cat maniac from the internet"! But my goal with the "Alice And The Cats" project is to do animal welfare effectively by educating, inspiring and investing. The way there is only a vision so far, but you can help me to realize it. 

If you like my pagesfollowand eachLike, eachcomment, eachSplitis a cobblestone on my way! 

And now there's another great opportunity...

What is catling and how do I become one?

Become a part of the "Alice And The Cats" community, the so-called CATLINGS! 

If you already follow me on my social media channels, the first step has been taken. Interact with us in the comments and contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. 

You have pets and love to capture moments together in photos and videos? Let the Catlings be part of it and send me the funny, crazy, cheeky and moving moments from your life. I then incorporate these into my posts and videos to make the exciting content varied and colourful. 

The best thing about it: you and your darling will become an integral part of our path and give our movement a face. We're showing what makes us a great community and what makes the world a better place for animals. 

Here we go....

Do you have a question or an idea?

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